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Video Release: 5th Annual Dance for Kindness 2016 in NYC's Times Square
New York, NY, February 22, 2017

We are pleased to share with you Life Vest Inside’s footage of NYC’s segment of the 5th Annual Dance for Kindness (DFK 2016) which took place in Times Square on November 13, 2016, International World Kindness Day.   DFK took place simultaneously in 120 cities across the globe (Every single video of DFK's around the world has been or will be posted on Life Vest Inside's Youtube Channel).  

The video overlaps the always inspiring words of Orly Wahba, Founder of Life Vest Inside and creator of the Global Annual Dance for Kindness (DFK), together with words of participants, the amazing view of Times Square and the hundreds of people as spectators or united for the Freezemob song “Give Love Away”, sung by Noelle Maracle and the Flashmob “Keys to the World”, sung live by singer and Recording Artist Linda Lind.  

dreamstore.me takes this opportunity to share with its community of clients, friends, investors, and stakeholders, the immense pride it has to have been this year’s main Sponsor of DFK: The beginning of the Financial Innovation Revolution intersecting with the Kindness Revolution for a First-Class World

Alex Schecter, dreamstore.me’s CEO commented “This is truly the beginning of the Financial Innovation Revolution intersecting with the Kindness Revolution for a First-Class World.  To the unacquainted eye, it may seem ironic to have an early stage venture-capital-funded company currently focused exclusively in the US to sponsor a ‘global dance’ initiative led by a small financially thirsty non-profit organization.  Well, Sponsorship is not even a proper word for us, we were just a speck in the overall picture, an important speck, but a speck.  If you were to put a value just to the cost of producing such an event as DFK globally (not even to the value creation of spreading the message of Kindness and Kindness Education) it would probably compare to what a Fortune 100 company in the world would put together.  Yet this was the product of a small non-profit leadership, co-lead by hundreds of global group leaders, volunteers and so many people that contributed in hundreds of different forms.  It was truly an extraordinary example of accomplishment by a team of individuals focused on a single overall mission.  And it was certainly a team, despite the fact that very few individuals fell under the banner of a single legal entity.  Professionals, brands, non-profit organizations, volunteers, men, women, children, all came together for a purpose.  What we experienced that day, was just a very tangible example of the unfathomable power of being united”.  

“I agree 100%”, added Guillermo MacLean, dreamstore.me’s Chief DreamFutures Designer.  “Sponsorship is not the right word, it personally gave me the opportunity to work almost non-stop for more than two months with Orly and experience the incredible organization which she has personally built layer by layer over several years . Orly literally interviewed every single Group Leader and Kindness Ambassador until it became well beyond humanly possible to do it by herself.  It also allowed me to experience her motivations behind her unstoppable drive (physically she probably weighs a fourth of my weight, yet I can’t keep up with the drive of this petite woman).  Furthermore, think about this, while she was organizing DFK 2016, I witnessed her working in parallel on developing at least four other major initiatives to promote Kindness Education at a large scale, struggling with the finances of her small non-profit, finishing the editing (one page a day) of her recently published book ‘Kindness Boomerang’, responding to every single fan mail of the thousands that she gets, and tagging along to a couple of her speaking engagements.  I witnessed all the amazing things while at the same time had the chance to witness some of the not-so-pleasant situations that happen in events of this magnitude or daily business life.”

“We had already interviewed and researched Orly’s ability to execute, and therefore had recruited her as dreamstore.me’s partner and as CEO of Kindness USA DreamCo, while we had no doubts of her abilities, we got more than we bargained for.  The Mission of Kindness USA DreamCo as dictated by the Kindness USA 2027 DreamFuture is no small feat.  In fact, most people would say it is impossible.  Increasing the perception by all Americans that we live in a kind society, from 25% as measured in mid-2015 to 80% by 2027:  To live in an America where despite our personal differences what becomes most important is the mutual respect between us.”  MacLean added.  

“This was a great opportunity to be in the presence of someone who will lead what most people think an impossible mission and help transform it into a very tangible reality”  Schecter finished.  


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dreamstore.me, proud Sponsor of Life Vest Inside's 5th Annual Dance for Kindness 2016 in New York City's Times Square, on November 13, International World Kindness Day