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Two Celebrations Launch DreamFutures to the Public
New York City, March 02, 2016

Last week dreamstore.me launched two fun celebrations with many clients, investors, colleagues innovators and friends  in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut. The events celebrated the launch of dreamstore.me with the many people who made it possible, introduced newcomers to the concept of our Shop for A Better World, DreamFutures in general, and Kindness USA 2027, the first DreamFuture now available at dreamstore.me

The implementation of DreamFutures has already been described by opinion leaders in the financial world  and in the public good sector - where people are exclusively dedicated to bring about common good to society - as pioneering and one of the biggest innovations of the century”  said Alex Schecter, CEO of dreamstore.me and its parent company MacLeanSchecter LLC.  “Our biggest challenge now is to make it as ubiquitous and easy to understand for anyone and everyone who wants to truly impact the world in a powerfully positive way with almost nothing more than their true wishes and the click of a button in their computer or any mobile device” he added.  Both Alex and Kenneth Lopez, CEO of Tekton Labs - dreamstore.me’s technology partner - agreed that “In the next few months, and forever, continuous improvement in the user experience of dreamstore.me will be critical”.  

One event was held at dreamstore.me’s New York City office and the other at the J House Hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut. Guests enjoyed the events and shared great ideas about how to make the world a better place. The talented LA-based recording artist Linda Lind, is a big supporter of dreamstore.me and Kindness USA 2027. Linda flew in exclusively for the occasion and performed a few of her original pre-release songs as well as two already released songs (All Night Long and Burning), accompanied in the keyboards by accomplished pianist Andy Ezrin.

At both events, enthusiastic visitors were on hand to celebrate dreamstore.me’s innovative and powerfully simple approach to transforming the world into a significantly better place.  Guests had the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, make suggestions, and learn more about DreamFutures. They also had the chance to order dreamstore.me’s first DreamFuture: Kindness USA 2027 which seeks innovative solutions to achieve what so many people expressed -  in a national study commissioned in late 2015 - as a need for a kinder society in America.  

Guests also got a preview of dreamstore.me’s upcoming DreamFutures, including Education & Opportunities for All, Roads and Bridges In Good Condition, Ending Chronic Homelessness Forever 2026, First Class Public Transportation USA, and got a glimpse of how they can approach dreamstore.me to help design customized DreamFutures.  

As masters of ceremonies, CEO, Alex Schecter, and Chief DreamFuture Designer & Structurer, Guillermo MacLean, greeted guests and answered questions. A team of DreamFutures advisers guided guests through the process of ordering a DreamFuture.

The Greenwich event featured a presentation for young children who stunned many adults with their ability to easily grasp the DreamFutures and dreamstore.me concepts.  These young children transitioned seamlessly from talking “high finance” into impromptu singing sessions with Linda Lind and taking hundreds of pictures with her at the photo booth.  

Marianne Wallace, Independent DreamFutures Advisor, concluded “DreamFutures can become an economic engine setting in motion all kinds of opportunities. Just imagine having a team of doctors, teachers, engineers, innovators, scientists, investors, and other professionals working together for you to achieve your social impact goals. And not paying a dime unless the goals you dreamed of are achieved.

Fun video of the Launch events in New York and Greenwich, CT