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Orly Wahba appointed CEO of Kindness USA DreamCo LLC
New York City, September 05, 2016

dreamstore.me and its parent company MacLean | Schecter LLC are proud to announce the appointment of Orly Wahba, Founder of Life Vest Inside (LVI) as Chief Executive Officer of Kindness USA DreamCo LLC.   Furthermore, Life Vest Inside becomes part of the core management team of Kindness USA DreamCo, the holding company for the Kindness USA 2027 DreamFuture.  In her new role, Orly will leverage her unique expertise in applied R&D and innovation specifically focused on kindness.

“Following a thorough search for the right person to lead Kindness USA DreamCo and after several months of structuring the relationship, we are confident that Orly and Life Vest Inside are the ideal partners for dreamstore.me to take the Kindness USA 2027 DreamFuture to its full potential – unleashing new capital, new talent and new awareness specifically aimed at sparking a leapfrog in Kindness in the USA”, said Alex Schecter, CEO of MacLean | Schecter & dreamstore.me.  He added that “Orly not only dreams big, but she has an uncanny ability to plan, execute and transform those dreams into reality. Her accomplishments with LVI speak for themselves.”

Orly Wahba commented “dreamstore.me and the Kindness USA DreamFuture is the most simple, tangible revolutionary idea to spread kindness in a massive way both in the US and around the globe. I strongly believe that Kindness USA will create a replicable and scalable model for other countries to follow; infusing kindness in the hearts and minds of their citizens in the same as Life Vest Inside has had global reach, with Ambassadors in over 120 countries uniting under the banner of kindness. It is a perfect union with our principles, our existing initiatives such as the Kindness Ambassador Program, Dance for Kindness, Project Hope Exchange, Kindness Kid Productions and others.  Although people order things such as coffee, food, airline tickets or electronics on a daily basis, ordering a DreamFuture may take some people time to fully grasp. However, I know that once they get a chance to realize just how pure and powerful ordering a DreamFuture is and how it will enhance their lives, ordering a DreamFuture will become the norm and a means to collaboratively bring the change we all wish to see in the world.”


About Orly Wahba & Life Vest Inside

Orly Wahba is an educator, entrepreneur, and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to be the best that they can be. Since her late teens, Orly has worked extensively with tweens and teens as well as local charities in her community providing a helping hand for those who need it most.

In 2011, Orly launched Life Vest Inside (LVI), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness. Kindness Boomerang, LVI’s launch video became an instant viral hit on YouTube and has touched the lives of over 100 million people worldwide.  

Life Vest Inside develops and implements exciting and effective kindness experiences that spark “human connection” and help people become more aware of the ways they can make positive changes in the world. Life Vest Inside captures the power of social media, the impact of inspiring films and mobile technology, the interactive nature of local and worldwide events, and the life altering influence of education to make the world a better place.

While many organizations are established to tackle social issues including bullying, substance abuse, depression, crime, Life Vest Inside takes a proactive approach and prevents those issues from materializing. Through research and analysis, LVI understands that a lack of self-value is one of the core roots to a vast array of social issues plaguing society. By focusing on the empowering nature of kindness, LVI has found that we can help millions of people more efficiently and impactfully make a difference.


Life Vest Inside’s global initiatives & innovations to “Manufacture” Kindness

Kindness is a universal language that transcends race, religion, ethnicity and nationality. Life Vest Inside is committed to spreading the message of kindness in the hearts and minds of the global community; inviting them to see just how fun, easy and accessible kindness truly is. Life Vest Inside had created an unprecedented increase in kindness, helping people move from inspiration to action. Some of its initiatives include:

DFKDance for Kindness

  • The largest annual worldwide celebration to kick off World Kindness week that unites over 50 countries in fulfilling acts of loving kindness.  

  • Last year: 50 countries, 100 cities, 12,000 participants


Project Hope Exchange

  • The first of its kind, worldwide digital collection of 30-second anonymous audio messages of hope (ranging from physical health, mental health and life challenges) from people who have been through an adversity to others currently facing those same adversities.
  • Over 40 adversity categories


Kindness Ambassadors

  • A supportive online global network of individuals from over 120 countries ranging from a vast array of cultures, religions, and ethnicities dedicated to breaking social stigmas and learning to educate themselves and their communities to accept and embrace our inherent differences.

  • Over 6,000 ambassadors


Educational Curriculum

  • A unique SEL curriculum designed to easily implement the themes of kindness, compassion and empathy directly into existing school curricula.

  • Piloted with over 300 educational stakeholders


LVI Films

  • Innovative films designed to inspire people and spark a desire to become a catalyst for positive change by demonstrating how kindness can be fun, easy, impactful and within everyone's reach.


Kindness Kid Productions

  • Designed to give students a hands-on opportunity to write, direct and edit short films emphasizing messages of kindness.



About Kindness USA DreamCo LLC

In 2015, only about 25% of American adults felt that they lived in a kind society (as measured by the MSQ USA Kindness Perception Indicator) leaving roughly 150 million Americans in the dark, perceiving that they live in an unkind society. Is this really the best we can do?

The mission of Kindness USA DreamCo LLC is to research, develop and disseminate solutions to break the barriers which prevent kindness in the US to exist at its maximum potential.


About dreamstore.me, DreamFutures, and Kindness USA 2027

dreamstore.me is like any regular store. But here, instead of buying a typical product or service, clients order a dream - we call it a DreamFuture - with a goal that will generate massive impact on their life and on society.

Now, here’s the real kicker: by ordering a DreamFuture, they pay only if the goal is achieved. If the dream does not become a reality, then they pay nothing at all.

The Kindness USA 2027 DreamFuture is an innovative and powerful tool to help massively reshape the U.S. for the better.  When clients order the Kindness USA 2027 DreamFuture on dreamstore.me, they are ordering an increase in kindness perception in the U.S. from 25% in 2015 to 80% by 2027. And if the objective is not accomplished, they don’t pay.

The value to society starts the second a person orders the DreamFuture at dreamstore.me, because it represents a most powerful declaration.  By doing so, they declare that they truly want that “upgraded” dreamed society to become a reality.  

dreamstore.me, Kindness USA DreamCo LLC and LVI are now fully aligned to serve its clients and society as a whole, not only by raising a minimum amount of $1 billion in Kindness USA 2027 DreamFutures in the next two years, but also by continuing to innovate in solutions for a kinder and better world.  

For more information on Life Vest Inside and/or to support directly one or all of their many initiatives please visit www.lifevestinside.com

You can also visit dreamstore.me and/or sign up for the Kindness USA DreamFuture mailing list to be notified as soon as its newest version is available for Order.  

Announcement of Orly Wahba as CEO of Kindness USA