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Guillermo Miranda, IBM Chief Learning Officer, Joins dreamstore.me’s Board
New York City, April 27, 2016

dreamstore.me and its parent company MacLean | Schecter LLC proudly announce that Guillermo Miranda, IBM’s Chief Learning Officer, has joined their board of directors as a member and as investor.

Originally trained as an attorney, Guillermo Miranda evolved into a global leader in the areas of talent management and knowledge management within complex business organizations. He brings to dreamstore.me nearly 20 years of experience managing large-scale strategic initiatives. Guillermo has held senior leadership positions at IBM, the information technology giant, and at Inter-American Development Bank Group. Currently, he is the Chief Learning Officer for IBM, a leading innovative organization with a workforce of 300,000+ employees worldwide. Prior to this role, Guillermo led IBM’s organizational development and people performance acceleration. He is also an investor and board member for other startups in the technology, knowledge, and telecommunications sectors.  

Upon joining our board, Guillermo Miranda said:

“I am very excited to be part of dreamstore.me. It is the space to dream and the space to get a better world with a very simple financial equation — you pay when the dream comes true.”

Some dreamstore.me team member reactions to the good news:

"Guillermo Miranda brings a wealth of experience to our board. He is uniquely qualified to advise us on recruiting the best talent in the world to lead our operating companies in achieving the innovation required to attain our clients’ high-impact DreamFuture goals.”

—Alex Schecter, CEO of MacLean | Schecter & dreamstore.me

“Guillermo will be a tremendous asset as we build our business. His executive-level human resources skills nicely complement the broad financial services expertise of our current board members.”

—Jason Mollin, Board member of dreamstore.me, former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

“Guillermo’s expertise helps me explain to clients the value proposition of ordering a DreamFuture. He has an impressive record of driving performance and change in multinational organizations by developing the best talent. Ordering a DreamFuture is not only about ‘finance.’ It’s about financing amazing ‘new jobs’ for people who can make change happen and transform our clients’ dreams into realities.”

—Janet McMonagle, dreamstore.me Independent DreamFutures Adviser