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dreamstore.me Adds New Feature for Businesses Across the United States
New York, NY, March 27, 2017

We are pleased to announce the addition of a key new feature at dreamstore.me. Businesses all over the United States, whether corporations, small businesses or other types of institutions, can now order DreamFutures such as Kindness USA 2027 — our first Ready-to-Order DreamFuture — and others coming soon.

Businesses operating at the national level that place an order for a DreamFuture will be featured as Global Sponsors on the dreamstore.me site. Smaller-scale, more regional businesses will be featured as Local Sponsors and will be visible on the website to site visitors located in their respective geographic areas.

“This fantastic new feature benefits everyone,” said Alex Schecter, CEO of dreamstore.me. “It offers businesses a new powerful way to express their values and support for achieving high-impact social goals, while cost-effectively showing their support of these causes to their local communities, clients and employees.”

The DreamFuture financial proposition is the same for businesses and institutions as it is for individuals. When ordering a DreamFuture, the business pays nothing upfront. The business pays for its order if and only if the social goal associated with the DreamFuture is achieved. Otherwise, it pays nothing at all. The dream/goal is clearly defined in the DreamFuture Commitment Agreement and an objective, Independent Calculation Agent measures whether the dream/goal has been achieved.

“This  takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and delivers an amazing value proposition for businesses and other organizations that truly want to effect change in society without taking any monetary risk if their desired goals are not met,” said Alex.

On a separate note, Alex added “The outreach to large and small businesses and other institutions is one of the key pillars of our corporate strategy. It is symbiotic with our retail initiative – giving any eligible individual in the U.S. the ability to order DreamFutures directly from the site, and by doing so, giving them the financial ‘power of a billionaire’ whether they order a DreamFuture for $100 or $1 million, for example.”

Guillermo MacLean, co-founder of dreamstore.me said, “We are very excited about the ability to incorporate businesses as key constituents because of their potential big role in helping transform huge dreams into realities. This is the first time we are making DreamFutures available widely, online and visible to everyone.” he added. “We don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and see dozens of new corporations or small businesses coming on board. But this is like any long and worthwhile journey: You have to provide the right tools, resources and paths for yourself and others to take,” he concluded.

“I wholeheartedly agree with Guillermo,” added Alex. “And in that spirit, I want to recognize and express special thanks to our first four Global Sponsors: Courtsense, a New Jersey-based premier tennis academy, Cobbler Union, an Atlanta-based men’s luxury shoe company, Idakoos, a Florida-based online retailer, and Crown Maple, a Hudson Valley based certified-organic maple company and weekend destination. Each company’s leadership team invested their time and experience to help us develop a model for how to engage with them as a proxy for future engagements with organizations across the U.S. They are being true pioneers in this space.”

Courtsense is a tennis academy differentiated not only by its amazing leadership team, its coaching staff and its use of cutting-edge technology but also by its dedication to tapping into the spirit of each individual student with passion and positive energy.

Cobbler Union is a global, direct-to-consumer company that manufactures and distributes small-batch, bespoke-inspired men’s luxury shoes at a price point well below that of heritage luxury brands and high-end retailers. The company has manufacturing facilities in Spain and a flagship store in Atlanta, Georgia.

Idakoos is a personalized products online store based in Miami, Florida. Idakoos helps their customers create their t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, acrylic signs and other products to show what they feel and believe or to represent their interests and their passions. The company sells and distributes its products around the globe.

Crown Maple is Quite Possibly the Purest Maple Syrup on Earth® and sets a new standard of excellence for maple. Established in 2010, Crown Maple has been carefully crafted from the ground up to become the preeminent maple syrup brand. By pairing the best from nature with artisan craftsmanship and breakthrough state of the art proprietary production technology, Crown Maple creates an exceptional maple experience. Crown Maple syrup and sugar products are estate-produced, certified-organic and provide a superior and distinctive taste and performance that elevates Crown Maple beyond a sweetener and into a defining ingredient.

We will publish a separate announcement for each company shortly.


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