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To turn your Dreams for a First-Class World into a reality, first you have to imagine them!

Rules to submit your Vision for a First-Class World:

  • What can you submit? Submit a video of you talking, or an edited video, or even a written essay or story. In it: Dare to Imagine and describe as specific as possible how would a First-Class USA, or First-Class (Your Country, State, Town, County, Community, Village) or a First-Class World would look like? You can even describe how would you feel walking up in that world!

    Think big! Be bold! Let your imagination run wild! What do you truly want? What would your First-Class World be like, look like, feel like? Don’t be restrained by clichés or what you think sounds nice (or do say clichés that really speak to you!). What problems, even some that seem insurmountable today, would you like to people in the world to find solutions for, so they become a thing of the past? What goals you truly want achieved? Tell as as much as you can, but please submit your vision expressed in a positive and constructive framework - it’s all about building the future we want rather than blaming someone for what’s missing to get there.
  • In what format should you submit? You can send it via a public or private youtube link where we can download the video. If writing is your thing, you can submit a few sentences or a few paragraphs! (1000 words maximum)
  • Who is eligible? Anyone can participate and submit their vision for a First-Class World! We just ask that if you are under 16 years old, please have an adult send it for you. And PLEASE make sure to read the Terms and Conditions below. If you feel not comfortable with any part of it, please do not submit or write to us directly at

Come on, YOU ARE THE INNOVATION! Let’s Dare to Dream and Make it Real! A First-Class USA, a First-Class World, a First-Class Texas, a First-Class….. It’s YOUR world, YOU Choose!

All Fields are required before submitting your Vision

Terms and Conditions

First-Class USA® and First-Class World® are (including its parent company’s) initiatives and trademarks.

When you choose to submit a video and/or written materials (“Materials”) to to participate in the First-Class USA® and First-Class World® initiatives YOU:

  1. Represent and warrant that you are the author and owner of the Materials you are submitting and have full authority to provide them to
  2. You grant revocable permission to use, publicly display or perform, publish, edit, reproduce, and distribute all or any part of the Materials in any media now known or hereafter developed.
  3. In order to revoke such permission, you must contact at to formally inform us of your wish for such revocation. Revocation will take place within 7 days of our receipt of your request.
  4. is under no obligation to use your ideas.
  5. You will not be compensated for the use of ideas submitted to Therefore please do not submit any ideas that you believe are valuable to you by themselves now or in the future.

I acknowledge that I have read these five terms and conditions, I am fully familiar with and understand their contents, and agree to them knowingly and voluntarily. Submission of your materials will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about these terms and conditions.