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For Client Support: Do you need help Ordering a DreamFuture or have difficulty signing up? Our Client Support Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit Help & FAQs or Contact us at if you still need further assistance.

For Institutional Business Relationships If you represent an Organization seeking advice on customizing a DreamFuture, Sponsorships, Partnerships with either, Kindness USA DreamCo LLC, or any future DreamCos, or if you are an Institutional Investor, Financial Advisor and/or Broker/Dealer interested in DreamFutures please feel free to contact directly

Alex Schecter, Chief Executive Officer, or Guillermo MacLean, Chief DreamFutures Designer,

For Media Relations Jules Feiler, President, The Pitching Staff, Office: 212-585-0973 Mobile: 917-547-0087 Jules Feiler, President, The Pitching Staff, Office: 212-585-0973 Mobile: 917-547-0087

For Careers & Interest in becoming a City/Town Representative in the U.S. Erin Buchalter, Chief of Staff, is an early-stage company financed by a small group of private investors. does not currently publish any formal job searches. However, feel free to submit your resume with a cover letter for the type of job you would dream of having to contribute to the development of or Kindness USA DreamCo LLC (Kindness USA DreamCo LLC is the DOER and beneficiary Company of the Kindness USA 2027 Dreamfuture ).

Meanwhile, we are currently developing the Beta Test of the Representatives model across the United States, working with a small group of individuals. We will publish more details once we open the program to new participants. Our target is to have at least 1,500 Representatives across the US by year-end 2018!. The things we DO already know include (i) We will never charge a fee to become a Representative (ii) We will never pay for recruitment (we will never follow Multi-level-marketing-type practices) (iii) Most likely, compensation to Representatives will never be large enough to be the sole source of income to the Representative (iv) We will always seek to have the highest quality Representatives (as measured by Client Satisfaction, Representative Satisfaction and measures of Integrity) in the Industry.

For Kindness USA DreamCo LLC (Currently co-Managed by Life Vest Inside)

Orly Wahba, Chief Executive Officer,